Any Port in the Storm


As far as cremations go I can safely say that the upcoming cremation for our late monarch, King Bhumibol Aduladej, slated for October 26, 2017, will be the biggest event the country has seen since King Vajiravudh’s cremation, nearly 100 years ago. Why is that? King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) was the last anointed king to have had cremation rites performed at the Phra Mane ground. His successor and younger brother, King Prachadhipok (Rama VII), abdicated and was cremated in England. King Ananda Mahidol (Rama VIII), ascended the throne at nine years of age, had a regent for most of his reign, and passed away before he had his coronation. King Bhumibol Aduladej (Rama IX) reigned for 70 years, all the while reinventing the meaning of kingship with his many good works, elevating his people’s quality of life. Therefore, this will be the first cremation of an anointed Thai king since 1925.

Bangkok Governor, Asawin Kwanmuang, is in the final preparatory states before Thursday’s event, such as resurfacing roads and sidewalks, and making sure the crematory replicas and sandalwood flower receiving stations are in order.  A flood of citizenry is expected on the Ratanakosin Island, anticipating mourners in hundreds of thousands. A number of schools and monasteries, as well as youth centers, will open their gates to give shelter to the mourners. 117 schools, 56 monasteries and three centers will are available for rest areas, as follows:

Phra Nakorn District: 1) Wat Ratburana School, 2) Ratbopit School, 3) Wat Indra School, 4) Wat Mahanopparam School, 5) Wat Mai Amatarot School, 6) Wat Makutkasatriyaram School, 7) Wat Tri Tosathep School, 8) Wat Rajanadda School, 9) Wat Sutat School, 10) Wat Mahathat School, 11) Wat Phra Chetupon [Wat Pho] School, 12) Wat Chana Songkram School, 13) Suan Kularb Vidyalay, 14) Bencamarajalay, 15) Wat Bowonniwet School, 16) Satrividya, 17) Wat Ratbopit School, 18) Wat Sangwet School, 19) Wat Makutkastriya High School, 20) Rajini School, 21) Bharata Vidya School, 22) Piman Vidhya, 23) Wat Chana Songkram, 24) Wat Rajaburana, 25) Wat Sutatthepwararam, 26) Wat Theptidaram, 27) Wat Phra Chetuponwimolmangalaram [Wat Pho], 28) Wat Bowonniwet Vihara, 29) Wat Rajbopit, 30) Wat Sangwet wisayaram, 31) Wat Indra Vihara, 32) Wat Mahannopparam, 33) Wat Mai Amatarot, 34) Wat Makutkasatriyaram, 35) Wat Tritosathep, 36) Wat Mahathat.

Pomprab Satru Pai District: 1) Wat Sidaram School, 2) Wat Khanikapol School, 3) Wat Disanukaram School, 4) Wat Phra Piraendra School, 5) Wat Thepsirindrawas, 6) Wat Saket, 7) Wat Sundra Dhammadanada, 8) Wat Somanas.

The schools and monasteries in the two districts just mentioned are for resting and toilet use, not over night stay.

mourning bunting at Wat Bowonniwet gate and wall