Buddha Footprint (Buddhapada)

This Sukhothai era Buddha footprint was brought from Chainatburi (Phitsanulok) to the Front Palace during King Rama III’s reign, by the Viceroy (Maha Sakdi Pol Sep). This slate slab is 3.6 meters long, 2.17 meters wide, and 0.2 meters thick. Two Buddha footprints appear in the middle, surrounded by a number of Buddha’s disciples, the etched lines filled with gold leaf. Auspicious symbols can be seen within the footprints, representing the Perfections and Practices undertaken by the Buddha in past existences, leading to the highest goal–Awakening. A Sukhhothai-period inscription, written in ancient script, appears on the front of the slab, relating the history of the footprint.

In 1909, Prince Vajiranyanvaroros, third abbot of Wat Bowonniwet, had this footprint moved from the Chapel of the Crystaline Buddha (โบสถพระแก้ววังหน้า) to Wat Bowonniwet, where he housed it in this Chinese-style hall.