The Porticus

To the left and right of the Uposatha hall, just outside of the small wall (kampaeng khew), are two portico-like structures, topped with a prang (something that looks similar to a corncob); a large one in the middle and four smaller ones at the corners. In by-gone days these were small bell towers, however, in 1912, King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) had the towers renovated and converted into niches where Buddha images might be enshrined. The tower to the East has a beautiful standing Buddha from the Dvaravadi (Mon) period in it’s front niche, while the niche in back contains a seated Buddha, sheltered by the Naga king, dating from the Lop buri period [Khmer].The cremains of Pra Prommuni (Pin Suvaco), the fifth abbot, are interred here. The tower on the West contains a Javanese Buddha from Burobudur, known as Amoghasiddhi in Northern Buddhism, brought to Thailand by King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) after a State visit to Indonesia in 1896.

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